Frequent Q&As

The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards

Question topics: première status (1), resubmitting new edit of a past project (2), fee waivers (3), script notes publishing (4), email about my win? (5), error on our site (6), review my project after I was nominated or awarded by TMBT film awards (7), I want to email TMBT Film Awards (8), Facebook as a means of contact (9), adding my nom/win to IMDb (10), where are the laurels? (11)


1 Q: Do you require première status?

A: No. We do not host screenings, this is an awards body. We will not screen your film publicly, nor do we mind if your film has already been screened. As long as the project’s production was completed by/after December 2011, we will consider it for our awards body when entered.


2 Q: My project has substantially changed since you last rejected it.

A: Then please submit it again. Heck, if its been more than a season since you last sent it to us (2-3 months), please drop us a line and let us know that you are resubmitting a project that has been re-edited, and we will send you a discount for its entry.


3 Q: Do you grant submission fee waivers?

A: Due to our small body of people working within the selection committee, we only grant submission fee waivers on a case by case review. We often only waive fees when someone has certain exceptional issues which would prevent them from being able to enter the festival without our help, such as: international blockades against a particular country, trade restrictions and a severe lack of funds…


4 Q: Do the script notes get published on your site?

A: No. As the script notes are not part of the awards body per say, they get sent to you directly via email.


5 Q: Why do I not receive an email about my film’s wins?

A: After sending out the initial email through Filmfreeway’s internal email system (informing  you if your film has been nominated or not accepted), we have no means with which to manage an email to you. Yes – your address is provided to us through Filmfreeway, however we would need to email individually to each person; and at this moment that isn’t feasible. This isn’t to say we wouldn’t want to do this, but it is really a time and cost issue. To maintain our low entry cost, we only bring people on board to the festival willing to work for very little or no fee. Each project is watched at least twice before reaching the jury. In order to introduce the task of emailing everyone – which would take a few hours, we would need to raise the entry fees. We currently don’t wish to do this, as we feel that a low entry cost democratises independent film. Our site will always indicate a publishing date for the nominations and wins a few days before we announce them. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or issues about this.


6 Q: I’ve found an error on your site.

A: Please email us using Filmfreeway’s address. During the busy period of end of season, we might take some time to reply, but we will do our best to be prompt!


7 Q: My project has been nominated/awarded, and we would now like an extended review?

A: Then please enter the film for just the ‘extended review’ on Filmfreeway. If you email us before doing this, we will send you a discount, as well as rush your review (usually publishing it within one week). Please note: the rushing of the review is only available for projects which have already been nominated/awarded by our film awards body, and even then, it is only really possible to do so if you contact us within the first month of the announcements. Beyond that point, we’ve forgotten your film’s details (because we’ve been watching new submissions!). We are always here to help though, feel free to email us.


8 Q: I can’t find your email address / the email address provided looks like a private address, is this correct?

A: Our most current email address is provided through Filmfreeway. Though it is the festival director’s personal address, it is also managed and monitored by other members of the film awards body (it isn’t a general email address, its one used specifically for this festival).


9 Q: I have contacted you via Facebook, and no one has replied.

A: We do manage our Facebook page, however it can be a tad neglected sometimes. Please bare with us, or email us about anything urgent.


10 Q: Your film awards body is an IMDb event. How do I submit my nominations/wins to IMDb?

A: Visit the IMDb listing for The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards here. Scroll down, and click ‘edit page’. Then select the appropriate number of nominations/wins, and select ‘continue’. Once in the data entry area, insure to add a link from our site of your nomination/win (it will look something like this – into your ‘comments’ area; as it will support your submission. Please note: there are instructions on IMDb as to how to fill all of these bits out as well.


11 Q Where are the laurels?

A: You usually can find them at the top of the award announcement page. However, feel free to follow this link.