Sean Price is a London (UK) based filmmaker. After attaining a degree in film, he taught for a short period of time in Japan. He has since worked on several feature films in various capacities, most predominantly acting as a production assistant on Suburban Coffin and Here Be Dragons. Following this, he has pushed his first short film, Love Machine, into production. The short has already garnered several nominations, including attention for its script and ensemble cast from Maverick Movie Awards. He has since began shooting his first feature film, Electric Angels.

Ryan Ohm is a filmmaker from the Midwest (US). He’s probably best known for his advocacy for retro film styles, distributing his works on VHS, as well as Vimeo staff picks, such as ‘Dion Lunadon – “1976”‘ and ‘The Night the Sky Fell in New Haven’. Finn & the Sea of Noise, his first feature, generously streams for free here. Ohm’s latest feature, the chilling At the Park by the Creek, is headed to screens and VHS later this year.

Rafael Bettschart is an in Austria based film filmmaker. He has worked at various media agencies and film production companies before and during his studies at the University of Vienna and Danube University Krems. After completing his studies, Rafael became self-employed and was involved as a filmmaker in various short, image, music, advertising and feature films. In 2015, he founded Unpleasant Productions and has been a producer and director ever since. His feature, Zehn.Zwanzig, was previously nominated for the Jury prize, and awarded Best Feature at The Monkey Bread Tree Film awards.

Karel Tuytschaever is a Belgium born performer and actor. He has previously won the best director award at TMBT Film Awards for his short film Bare Romance. He is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory Antwerp in drama, an acting education led by Dora van der Groen. A great importance to him is the interaction between his executive work as a performer/actor, his own research trajectory (about intimacy, body and identity), and his work as a filmmaker, as well as his professorship at the conservatory. His other work in drama and dance can be found here.

Stephen Hunt Following extensive theater work with Hildegard Neil, her husband Brian Blessed encouraged Steve to turn to film. Since then, he has won 43 world-wide screenwriting contests. Emmy Award winner Miguel Guerreiro filmed Steve’s short Early Release. Current shorts include Death’s Lady Love, which is in production in Maine (USA), Believers, which is in post-production in Ireland, and Jezebel, which is in pre-production in France. His feature scripts include The Oval Portrait, optioned by Concord Films, and Precious Vengeance, which is slated as a 2018 UK/Romanian project. Steve has been a juror for both the London and the Marbella Film Festivals. Visit his site here.

Ben Rider (Festival Director) is a London (UK) based independent writer/director with six feature films shot, four of which are available on Amazon Prime in the US, UK, Germany and Japan. His most recently finished project, Our Little Haven, was a 14 month shoot in Cinemascope with 50 actors. He also judges for TMFF in his spare time, and occasionally writes film projects for other directors.

Additional guest Judges:

Clara Butler is a young New Zealand born film producer. She has previously assisted on the production of the features Here Be Dragons and Our Little Haven, and recently produced the upcoming comedy With Friends Like These.

Lily Smith is a 2015 graduate from Guildford School of Acting (UK). Since graduating she has been concentrating on developing her credits in film, including the short film A Quiet Room In Walthamstow and feature film Our Little Haven, and the WWII period piece Sarah’s War.



Jane Sanger has side stepped into filmmaking after many years of teaching drama. After completing 9 short films, she’s set to shoot her first feature film #SWIPERIGHT, about the dangers of internet dating. She is currently a judge for TMFF. For more details, visit her filmmaking blog here.

Xavier Baeyens was born in Belgium, and currently resides in the European continent. He studied Practical Filmmaking at the Met Film School in Berlin, where he freelances as a director and photographer. He is currently working on his debut feature, a yet-to-be-titled noir thriller; as well as collaborating on an anthology film, Blood and Bones. His first two short films, the English language Crowbar Vigilante (starring Kristen Bush) and the German language Berlin Virgin, are due to be released later this year.

Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou is a director from the grim north of England. If he’s known for anything, it’s his first feature, Supermen: A Story of British Wrestlers. He’s also directed and produced Shopping Channels and Talking Backwards with Pinpoint Films. He recently co-wrote the feature film, ‘The Drowning of Arthur Braxton’, with Youtuber Luke Cutforth.

Ryan Ohm is a filmmaker from the Midwest (US) probably best known for his retro styled music videos, a whole shocking heap of which can be found on his Vimeo page. Curious about his fiction work? Check out his short films Antennas to Beyond and Denton’s Pullout Couch. His debut feature, Finn & the Sea of Noise, is due to hit our screens later this year.

Ben Rider (Festival Director) is a London (UK) based independent writer/director with four feature films shot, including the award winning films To Love Somebody and Seven Devils, which are currently available on Amazon Prime. He is currently filming a cross continental collaborative anthology with Xavier Baeyens called Blood and Bones, starring Annabelle Lanyon, of Ridley Scott’s Legend fame.